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Encourage safety and cleanliness during this pandemic with the help of these FREE COVID-19 clip arts. Download now.

In this uncertain time, it’s imperative to remind each other of the importance of staying clean in order to be safe from the virus. Every place must adapt to new, cleaner, and safer protocols. Although this pandemic has been going on for almost a year now, we still need to communicate these protocols in many occasions. Therefore, to help you communicate this more effectively, we’re giving away a pack of FREE COVID-19 clip art.

What’s Included in this FREE COVID-19 Clip Art Pack

This COVID-19 Clip Art pack contains thirteen COVID-19-related illustrations. These illustrations are fashioned in a bright color palette in hopes that anyone who looks at this illustration can see this pandemic in a more hopeful and positive way.

The illustrations included are:

Essential Cleaning Tools

Disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and soap illustrations.


Colorful Masks
Two fun and colorful masks, our essential armor to battle COVID-19.

The Coronavirus (of Course!)

The Coronavirus
A single coronavirus illustration on transparent background, easy to customize in any design.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing
An illustration of two people safely distanced from each other.

Washing Hands

Washing Hands
Washing hands, the ultimate essential precaution to fight off the virus.


A single bubble on a transparent background, easy to duplicate, scale up and down, and to accentuate the feeling of cleanliness in any design.

Bonus: 4 Eye-Catching Quotes

Four Eye-Catching Quotes
Four eye-catching quotes to encourage cleanliness and safety during this pandemic.

All of these clip arts are in .png file type with transparent backgrounds so they are easy to insert in any of your designs. The clip arts are also available in a combined .EPS file that’s included in the package, as well.

How to Download the FREE COVID-19 Clip Art Pack

Downloading these thirteen free COVID-19 clip arts is simple. Just click on the button below to start your download. Then, double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents and access each transparent .png file.


By downloading this free COVID-19 Clip Arts pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Ways to Use the COVID-19 Clip Art


COVID-19 Clip Arts Infographics
Instead of text-only information, make it a clear and easy to understand infographic with the help of these COVID-19 clip arts.

Power Point Presentation Design

COVID-19 Power Point Presentation
Decorate your COVID-19-related presentation by simply inserting these clip arts into your Power Point presentation. Laptop mockup via guteksk7.

Poster Design

COVID-19 Protocol
Remind each other of the safe COVID-19 protocols with a poster. Customize a poster, print it, and place it at home or at your business. Or, upload it to your social media.

How to Customize a COVID-19 Poster with Shutterstock Editor

Get Started

First, open Shutterstock Editor from your web browser. Then, choose your desired poster size. If you want to print the poster with your home printer, the standard paper size is A4.

Choose Poster Size
Open Shutterstock Editor and choose poster size.

Now, under My Content (M) tool, upload all the clip arts that you want to use.

Upload Clip Arts
Upload your clip arts.

Create a Headline & Decorate

For the text headline of the poster, you can either write down your own text headline using the Text (A) tool, use the templates that the Shutterstock Editor provides, or simply use one of the “quotes” illustrations from this COVID-19 Clip Arts Pack.

To use the clip art as the headline, place it in the poster by dragging the clip art to the desired place in the canvas. Make sure the words are big enough to read.

Position Clip Art
Drag the clip art to the desired place on the canvas.

Next, place all the COVID-19 clip arts that you want to use in this poster. You can use as many clip arts as you want. Just don’t overcrowd the poster. Otherwise, the decorations will steal the viewer’s attention from the main headline.

Position Additional Clip Arts
Now, add more clip arts!

After that, set the background color of the poster by clicking on the white circle next to Artboard Opacity under Background settings.

Set Opacity
Under background settings, set opacity.

The poster looks good already, so you can stop here if you want. However, if you wish to emphasize the headline even more, you can use the Elements (H) tool. You can choose any shape that you want, but in this tutorial, we’ll put a square border around the headline.

Add Border
Select a border.

Next, place the border on the canvas. Then, adjust its color and thickness under Border Color settings.

Adjust Border Color
Adjust the border’s color and thickness.

To put the border behind the clip arts, click Send to Back (Ctrl+alt+[) under the Layers settings.

Finally, click the red download button on the top right corner to download your poster.

Customized COVID-19 Poster
Voilà! You just customized your own COVID-19 poster!

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FREE COVID-19 Clip Art Pack